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We are one of the leading manufacturers which dedicating on high quality wood products in China.

We mainly manufacture plywood, especially, White Birch UV Pre Finished Plywood, film faced plywood (HS Code: 44123900), 3 ply shutting panels (HS Code: 44129499), Softwood Scaffold Panels (Pine LVL scaffolding Plank), and formwork H20 Timber Beams (Wood I Girders)(HS code: 44186000), etc. Our products meet international standard, especially European Standard.

Our products are widely used in concrete formwork systems, for construction use, with a very stable repeat use service life. We also have decoration panels for furniture and cabinets, such as UV coated Plywood. We also have quality guarantee on it.

We have a wide range products series of timber/lumber based product, for example, only for film faced plywood, we adopt import film, Finland Dynea Film, Chinese film, the colors are also have many, except normal Brown or Black film, we still have yellow, green, gray color ones. For the same product, the wood species options are also rich, such as birch, poplar, and eucalyptus, etc. Most of our orders adopt Phenolic Resin and High Quality WBP melamine glue (for exterior use); of course, we can also produce lower quality MR glue as per the client's request. As to the edge of the plywood, it is normally sealed by brown water-proof paint, but you may still find the clear lamination layers, the common thickness is from 9-21mm, we maximum can do 40mm.

For h20 beams, we adopt imported Spruce or Radiata Pine as flange, of course, we only adopt 30mm thickness high quality solid wood core web (the middle part of the h20 beam). We will never adopt low quality 27mm thickness web, especially we do not adopt plywood as web, after many clients' confirmation, we only produce the high quality products. As to 3 ply shuttering panels, the cost is not competitive so far, we stopped this item since last year. If you have big order, we shall consider re-open the production line. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We offer free samples (under reversed payment of courier cost).

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Steve Woods

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